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About: May, Tonda and TAF

Thailand Acro Fest reflects our involvement and passion for the acro communities worldwide as much as for the practice itself. We love to take an active role in these communities – just as you might – and we value the connections that acro is creating and inspiring in so many ways.


We organized the first Thailand Acro Fest in January 2023 to rekindle the bonds that connect acro enthusiasts and that had been sidelined for a while. TAF brought together more than 120 acro-passionates from all over Southeast Asia and beyond in the heart of Bangkok. Thus, it provided an opportunity for us to reunite, make connections within the acro communities and spread the acro loveeee!


This November, we are re looking forward to re-connecting with our acro-friends and having some real fun! For the even more committed ones of you, we will offer an intensive training to really UP your acro game!

Contact Us

Email: thailandacrofest (at) gmail (dot) come


Hostbkk Arts Center is located on the 4th floor of Chandrphen Restaurant. Take the elevator to the fourth floor after entering the restaurant building. MRT Lumphini is the closest public transit. Take exit 1 and walk for 3 minutes.


Stay away from busses (extremely slow). If you´re alone, motorbike taxis are a fast option. Best is probably MRT/BTS (two different light rail/subway systems). MRT Lumphini is only a 2 min walk from the venue. Taxis are ok, too, but don´t agree on any fare – you will always pay more than by the meter. Lastly, Tuktuks are fun and look fun but they are definitely a money trap!

There are plenty of restaurants close to venue so that you can go and explore: from street food, to sushi, genuine Thai cuisine or vegetarian/vegan! Please see the list of Cafe’s & Restaurants nearby here. We will offer the occasional snack and/or fruit at the festival.

WISE transfer and a Thai bank account are used. So you can convert from any currency to Thai Bath.