Welcome to TAF Intensive Training Program
22-26 November 2023 in Pranburi, Thailand.

22 November 2023



23-25 November 2023

Standing Acro + High Acrobalance


23-25 November 2023

Hand to Hand


About the program

The TAF Intensive Training is a 5-day partner acrobatics program that emphasizes your progress in high acrobalance, hand-to-hand, and icarians. We will cover progressions, such as inlocates to hand-to-hand, which will span the entire 5-day training. You’ll have the chance to train with fellow acrobats who match your skill level, guided by our experienced coaching team.


Space opens for self-training when don’t have classes.

The Location

The training will take place in the main hall at the beautiful Hostbkk Arts Center in the center of Bangkok. We also have a nicely designed area for hanging out, resting, connecting, or eating. Most importantly, we offer the luxury of air conditioning throughout all training areas! The venue is situated in the lively Lumphini area with many restaurants, cafes, and accommodation options nearby.


Yes. Please see more information below.

The price includes lunch, drinking water, and fruits. The price covers 3 sessions of 90-minute instruction per day, daily warm-up, handstand practice, and free training time.


*** Additional expenses such as lodging, transportation, or airline tickets are not included in the price.

A deposit of 5,000 THB must be included with the application form when applying (we accept WISE transfer or Thai Bank). Within five days of receiving your application, we’ll send you a confirmation via email. The video requirements can be submitted by November 10, 2023, or as soon as practicable.

We want to find a great balance between the number of fliers and bases. So it’s good if you sign up with your partner, but you can also sign up on your own. In that case, we’ll help match you up with a partner!

Prerequisites (Video Requirements)​

Please submit your video (or link) before November 10, 2023 to [email protected] 

Basic Acro Skills (Please use spotters if necessary)

1. Forward roll 

2. Cartwheel 

3. Handstand entries: a) tuck jump to a straight handstand b) straddle jump to a straight handstand

4. Hold a handstand against the wall for 30 seconds (back to the wall)

L-basing acro (Base or fly. Please use spotters if necessary)

1. Jump to star

2. Jump to reverse star

3. Needle on feet or free star (Any entry. Any exit.)

4. Low foot to hand 10 seconds (Any entry. Any exit.)

5. Extended foot to hand hold 10 seconds (Any entry. Any exit.)

6. Experience in H2H. Be able to hold for a few seconds. (Any entry. Any exit.) 

Standing acro (Base or fly. Please use spotters if necessary)

1. Two high (Stable in two high. Any entry. Any exit.)

2. Flag (Any entry. Any exit.)

3. Reverse thigh stand (Any entry. Any exit.)


1.American throne (straight up)

2.Bird to bird

3.Throne to bird (recommended)