Caspian & Laura

United Kingdom & Netherlands

Caspian @cheekyacromonkey and Laura @lauralovesacro are passionate and playful

Acroyoga practitioners and teachers. Caspian founded AcroSpirit @acrospirit in Bali to share the AcroSpirit philosophies and teachings, with the aim to help more people discover the beautiful aspects of Acroyoga.

What makes their teaching and the AcroSpirit philosophy unique is that they place a lot of emphasis on the non-physical aspects of the practice. Caspian and Laura believe that to be a truly skilled acroyogi, you must be skilled in communication, safety, trust, empathy, respect, support and much more. With AcroSpirit in Bali they run jams, classes, events, trainings and also plan to run an acro festival!

They love icarians, hand to hands, smooth flows, standing acro, and… each other 😉

Originally from England and with a mixed Singaporean heritage, Caspian quit his job as an Aerospace Engineer and fell in love with yoga and acroyoga on his travels in Asia, before settling down in Bali. He comes from a traditional martial arts background with a black belt in Karate and a wide range of competitive sports. He teaches many styles of movement practices; from mobility, to yoga, to fly high, to thai yoga massage, and of course acro!

Originally an educational teacher from Holland, Laura combines her love for sharing knowledge and skills with her passion for movement. Laura practiced many sports, has an extensive background in martial arts (Judo, Aikido, Boxing and Kickboxing) and has been a yoga, handstand and AcroYoga practitioner for many years. She has travelled to many countries and lived in Jakarta, Nairobi and Paris before making Bali her home. She teaches many styles of yoga, including handstands and acro.